For over 20 years, the oldest Congregational church in Port Pirie has been home to the local family seafood restaurant.

Kevin and Kim Spirou bought the church in 1996, converting it into a Barnacle Bill franchise, and saving the heritage building from being demolished.

The former Uniting Church was the first stone church built in Port Pirie, opening in February of 1879. After a long history, the church shut its doors in 1991 and lay unoccupied for 5 years.


In 1996, and at the brink of being torn down, Kevin and Kim came to its rescue. The building was renovated by the Spirou’s for two years before it was established as their own Barnacle Bill franchise in 1998.


The Spirou’s had their fair share of backlash upon opening – converting something so sacred in a regional community town was bound to displease some. But when their critics realised the building would have been demolished otherwise, they soon changed their mind.


Many of their regular customers have witnessed major life events in the old church, and visiting the restaurant now lets them reminisce over those memories. The Spirou’s have dedicated much of their lives to establishing and running the family business; happy they were able to make something out of the old church.


Saving the 117-year-old building and keeping its heritage alive in the town is something that Kevin and Kim are very proud of doing.

“For us it’s a joke with our grandchildren — that we were married in Barnacle Bills” – Ian Pole, Port Pirie local
Uniting Church in 1906, Archival: B26924, 1906 (Danvers Architects Pty Ltd, 1990)


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After 22 years, it was time to retire the Barnacle Bill franchise and make the business entirely their own.

In 2020, the restaurant rebranded into ‘Spirou Seafood and Salad’, showcasing Kim’s famous salads and of course, the seafood.

Locally caught fish include Whiting, Garfish and Gummy Flake, all of which are caught in South Australia. Try them crumbed, battered, or ask for grilled.


If you don’t fancy seafood, make sure to try the steaks from The Grill, the new Honey Prawn and Chicken, or fill up on the range of fresh salads from the self-serve salad bar.


The restaurant is fully licensed, so enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with your meal when dining in, or choose from their range of spirits at the bar.